Director-General & Team

Untitled-1The Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos, Nigeria (Training Arm of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria), is effectively administered by a team of seasoned academician and professionals in various relevant fields. The Team is as follows:

1. Dr. Joseph Femi Adebisi, PhD, ACTI, MNIM, MACFEI, MIPA, FCSA, FCNA Director General
2. Dr. Kayode O. Fasua, MBA, M.Sc., MNIM, CRISC, FCSA, FCTI, FCNA Director of Studies
3. Mr. Friday E. Akpan, B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA, ACTI, CNA Director CEFAR (Centre For Financial and Accounting Research)
4. Mr. Jonathan C. Nwagboso, B.Sc. (Ed.), MBA, FCIDA, FCNA Director Curriculum Development
5. Barr. Grace Sunday. LLB, B.L College Secretary
6. Mr. Anthony Surulere Ayeni, MBA, CNA College Accountant
7. Mr. Fidelis Egberi, HND, CNA Internal Auditor
8. Mrs. Theresa Nwosu, B.Sc (Ed.), CNA Student Affairs Officer
9. Mr. Cyril B. Umoh, BA (Hons), MA, MNIPR College Public Relations Officer
10. Mr. Sani Abdulmalik, B.LS, MNLA College Librarian