Nigerian College Of Accountancy



Welcome to the training arm of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Kwall near Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. The Nigerian College of Accountancy, Postgraduate Professional College is very unique. It is first of its kind in Africa and second globally. It occupies 382 Hectares of land well fenced and equipped with security surveillance apparatus. The College, patterned after the Nigerian Law School, draws graduates from the Universities and Polytechnics, as its intakes.

The College students, drawn from graduates of Accounting and allied disciplines, are not only trained but educated to become well rounded and blended professionals. Education, unlike training or skills acquisition, involves activities that enable a person imbibe knowledge, skills, competencies and values that are not parochial. Therefore, education places you on a broad and stronger philosophic pedestal that predisposes you to be able to define, analyze and solve problems. The College which first started in 1984/85 session started growing and developing in leaps and bounds from 1994/95 session. The College since inception has turned out over forty thousand (40,000) graduates.

In the College, graduates of allied disciplines ̶ Business Administration/ Management, Banking and Finance and Economics ̶ are admitted into the Conversion Programme (Foundation), preparatory to admission into the Professional Programme. Thus, the College has:

  1. Full-Time Students’ Professional Programme
  2. Mature (Part Time) Students’ Professional Programme
  • Conversion (Foundation) Programme comprising students who are seeking preparation for eligibility into the Professional programme

Please note that it is only graduates from the College who apply and are found eligible for membership of ANAN that are inducted as its members.

The N.C.A., at its present state of infrastructural development and in other ramifications, is a leading accountancy campus in Africa. On full completion the College is intended to be the rendezvous for all accountants nationally and internationally.

The College, through its proprietor, ANAN, collaborates with many international bodies, namely: International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA), Association of Accounting Bodies in West Africa (ABWA), Edinburg Group, International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER), Extensible Business Reporting Language ( XBRL), Institute of Public Accountants, Australia (IPA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK (CIMA), and Institute of Financial Accountants, UK (IFA).

These international affiliations have directly and indirectly impacted positively on the teaching/learning activities in the College.

It is noteworthy to mention that the College is already attracting students of other nationalities outside Nigeria. There are indications that shortly, it will attract a growing number of international students.

The language laboratory in the College with French as its current language of study is already a viable aid/facility and encouragement for students from neighboring francophone countries.

I want to encourage all and sundry to avail themselves or their wards of this unique opportunity offered by the N.C.A. to become professional accountants of the modern era or the professional accountants of the millennium, you may say. The Accountancy village located on the Plateau in Kwall, near Jos, Nigeria, also beckons on you to come and bask in the calm, serene and scenic beauty of Plateau State, Nigeria. The facilities on the campus include among others: Administrative Complex, Two Lecture Auditorium fully equipped with Smart Boards, Projectors & Screens, Public Address Systems, CCTV Camera, Accounting Laboratory, French Laboratory, ICT, AN Ultra Modern 3,000 Lecture Theatre under construction, Modern Library (including Online with over 5,000 Accounting and Management books), College Clinic, 8 Blocks of Hostels, Modern Cafeteria, Medium size Shopping Complex, 2 Giant size Generators, 4 Security lodges for Joint Security Personnel, Examination Office, 3 ATM Galleries, 6 Boreholes and many water surface & overhead Tanks, Sport facilities and equipment, Access Road network, Market, Motor Park, Police Station, Tractors, Utility Vehicles, etc.

Once more, welcome to the N.C.A., which bears the brunt of executing the ANAN mandate of Advancing the Science of Accountancy.

Our Mission

To promote the teaching of Accountancy, not only in Nigeria, but also in Africa, which will serve as the cradle of professionalism and the best in professional practice and to inculcate standards of integrity, probity, honesty and good conscience in Nigerian professional practice. To raise a new generation of accounting professionals that will serve as the arrow-head of a new dispensation and millennial move in the development of accounting in Nigeria


DG ADEBISIDr. Joseph Femi Adebisi, PhD, FCNA, FCTI, MNIM, MACFEI, CPA-Ireland

Director General,

Nigerian College of Accountancy, Kwall, near Jos, Nigeria.

Administrative Block of the College
Administrative Block of the College